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Fubarino Contest: Simon Says Hackaday


When [Scott] saw our announcement of a contest to win a Fubarino, he had the remarkable insight that designing new hardware wasn’t required. Instead, he took a Simon soldering kit and added a Hackaday easter egg that beeps our favorite URL in Morse code.

[Scott]’s entry began with a Sparkfun Simon Says Soldering Kit. It’s a great kit featuring an ATMega328, four buttons and LEDs, and a speaker. Stock, this board comes programmed with a run-of-the-mill Simon game, but it also includes a serial bootloader and a set of serial pins for reprogramming.

The new firmware for [Scott]’s Simon uses Morse code for ‘’ to determine the time in between the button flashes for each round. Compared to the old-school Simon toy from the 70s, [Scott’s] version seems just slightly more difficult; the game is basically the same, but trying to remember the pattern when the buttons don’t…

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ACU Couch


Work in Progress...

I have been nominated for and awarded Blog of the Year 2013 by Clarissa Silva @

Thank you Clarissa for enjoying my words. They are truly a work in progress, as I plan to create more and more unique and quality writings for all to share and enjoy, or to simply hate:)  Please check out Clarissa’s site. She is very inspirational and informative. A quote that best describes her writing is, “…anyone who lives to read gorgeous writing will want to lick this (blog) and sleep with it between their legs.” — Dave Eggers (his quote wasn’t about her, but I just needed something profound to describe her talent, and “she is really cool” just did not cut it).

Blog of The Year 2013 Award

The ‘rules’ for this award are simple:

1)   Select another blog(s) who deserve the award:

2)  Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have…

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Battlebots in the Sky


Here’s one of those ideas that makes us wonder: “Why didn’t we come up with that?” The LVL1 in Louisville, Kentucky is hosting an event they call the Quadcopter Ultimate Aerial Combat Competition (QUACC). Kudos to them on coming up with a very professional name for the event. At risk of drawing cease-and-desist orders from the defunct TV program, we’ll always think of this as Battlebots in the Sky. (Lawyers: please don’t make us take that down… it’s an homage to the awesomeness that was at least the first few seasons of the show).

So why are we publicizing local events on Hackaday? It’s not the event, but the idea that’s spectacularly worth sharing! You’ve got to check out their contest rules as well as the Q&A list. Registration is closed, but the lucky ones who claimed a spot for the low price of $40 will be issued a regulation…

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Amazon Drones: As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap

Saturday Edition – What We’re Writing and Reading

Live to Write - Write to Live

Welcome to this Saturday Edition of What We’re Writing and Reading in which we share some of what we’re up to with our writing (when we’re not here) and what we’re into with our reading (around the web). We’ll also pull back the curtain a little to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what went into a piece.

We hope you enjoy this little diversion and encourage you to share your own posts and picks in the comments.

Happy writing! Happy reading! 


headshot_jw_thumbnailJamie Wallace: There is a buzz in the air today. Not only is this one of the last two shopping weekends before Christmas, but there is also a snowstorm on the way. If the weathermen (and women) are to be believed, the event will begin late this morning with some picturesque snow flurries that will lend a Currier & Ives feel to holiday errands. Later on…

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