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The Stupidest Thing You’ll Read About Net Neutrality All Day


I think, and this is more of a guess than anything else, that Senator Cruz is indicating that the FCC putting in place net neutrality regulations that will preserve the open Internet and keep the web a level playing field for all players regardless of their size or wealth, is quite similar to a healthcare law that involves state and federal insurance exchanges, special taxes on medical devices, and an individual mandate requiring people to purchase coverage.

Title II and kidneys are the same thing, right?

I actually can’t write any jokes about this. The senator’s tweet is too perfect. Let this be a reminder about how damn glad we are that Congress is not in charge of this critically important issue. Satire is dead.

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IBM Buys Aspera, A File Transfer Company That Counts Apple And Netflix As Customers


IBM is acquiring Aspera, a bootstrapped file transfer company that counts media companies, SaaS providers and large enterprises as customers. Aspera has many enterprise use cases, including sending large amounts of genome data and feature-length movies. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Aspera’s software is built on “fasp,” its patented file transfer technology. Fasp is designed to leverage a company’s wide area network (WAN) and commodity hardware to achieve speeds that are faster than FTP and HTTP over a secure network. A WAN is essentially a company’s network across a large geographic region. Aspera’s technology optimizes the WAN through its software that allows for granularity in the way the technology is used. Through the process, Aspera optimizes the bandwidth, latency, bottlenecks and a host of other factors.

Apple uses Aspera for video uploads to the iTunes store. Before they started using Aspera it sometimes took content providers 3.5…

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Catch Me as I Jump Off This Stage!

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